Shoes for Charity

Bill's Men's Shop in Berkeley will be hosting a used shoe drive in support of Local Homeless Shelter cause of providing shoes to the needy for Christmas 2001.
Throughout the month of November and December, Bill's will be accepting your used shoe donations for distribution on Christmas Day. Through your generous act of donating shoes in wearable condition, you will be contributing to the effort of providing a necessity to those less fortunate. Each viable donation would earn contributors a 10% discount on a pair of new shoes redeemable at Bill's! Show your support for the community through donating your out-of-fashion shoes at Bill's and treat yourself to a replacement pair at a discount!


Online Event

Ask the Mayor a question! Bill's will be organizing a live webcast of Mayor Jerry Brown addressing questions and concerns surrounding the issues of homelessness and poverty in Berkeley! This event will be held on December 20th at 5pm pacific time. Questions may be sent to up until the night before the webcast.
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